We are Early Choices.

Early Choices has a passionate and dedicated team with one goal in mind: to help guide youth and young adults in a positive direction. If a student, young adult or parent of one is struggling with choices about tobacco, drugs, sex, alcohol or education, we help clarify those choices. We expose the reality of consequences and train them how to combat temptations so they have a fighting chance at a hopeful future.

Gwen Houston

Executive Director
Family Connection
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Angie Wilson

Grant Manager
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DeWana Fields

Program Coordinator
Healthy Relationships
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Erin Lee

Program Coordinator
Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention
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Amanda Farley

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Project Coordinator
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Our Story.

We started out as one small organization trying to make a difference and have grown significantly thanks to several successful collaborations over the years.

First, the Early County Literacy Task Force (ECLTF), a non-profit organization, formed in 1989 as a result of citizens who recognized that low literacy rates in the community resulted in poor economic outcomes for many of its residents. The group serves as a support for the adult education/GED program by providing classrooms, raising funds for testing scholarships, and recognition ceremonies for graduates.

Then, Early County Family Connection (FACES) was established in 2003 as part of the Georgia Family Connection Partnership. It is a local collaboration of agencies, organizations and individuals who work with families to improve outcomes for families, focusing on children and youth development.

And our latest development, Early Choices, a collection of initiatives, was formed in 2012 through ECLFT and Family Connection (FACES) to address the specific needs, issues and concerns of residents of Early County.