Early Cares

In 2017, Early County was one of eleven rural counties across Georgia selected by Healthcare Georgia Foundation to pilot a five-year process known as The Two Georgias Initiative. The central focus of this initiative is to build a local community partnership that works to identify and understand local health inequities, while also strategizing place-based solutions to improve equity and access for all residents. To accomplish that goal, it is necessary to move beyond county-level data and dig deeper into the indicators from individual census tracts and geographic areas. That process allows us to understand how residents from the same county, who may live only a few miles apart, often experience completely different realities, health outcomes, quality and length of life. Place does matter, and environments do affect equitable health.

We represent a diverse partnership of more than 20 individuals who work, and play in Early County.


Early Cares is a partnership, working together to provide opportunities to continually improve the environment in which we all live, work, and play.


A caring community where everyone has an opportunity to live a long, safe, and healthy life.


Equity, Reciprocity, Discipline, Leadership, Accountability, Stewardship, Innovation, Inclusiveness, Unity, and Service

Early Cares is currently working on 4 initiatives.


The Partnership aims to train and develop community members to address issues impacting the health of the community.


The Partnership aims to expand to youth development opportunities for Early County Youth.


The Partnership aims to build capacity to reduce community homelessness and increase local housing stock.


The Partnership aims to improve the health of Early County residents by increasing access to preventive resources.

Early Cares created a housing team led by Gwen Houston and other community members. The committee received the Georgia Initiative for Community Housing (GICH) in 2020. GICH provides strategic planning support for communities striving to increase access to safe, affordable housing.