Early Choices

Healthy Relationships

We are designed to empower and build leadership and self-esteem while equipping middle and high school students with the tools to make healthy decisions about their bodies, relationships, academics, and their future.

We teach our students, Real Essentials, a curriculum uniquely designed to help young people navigate the mine field of relationships, romantic attachments, choices, challenges, obstacles and temptations they will face in life. These fun, interactive activities are intended to develop life, love and leadership skills, impulse-control, self-regulation and personal power.

The goal is to provide young adults the opportunity to hear clear presentation regarding the benefits of developing healthy relationships, delayed sexual activity, and creating a habit of impulse control so that as they get older they will have strength of character to form a healthy, satisfying, lifetime committed relationship and family in which to raise their future children.

The students enjoy role playing, making new friends, touring colleges, and having fun.

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) administers the TitleV State Abstinence Education Grant Program, which is supported by federal funds from the Administration for Children and Families, Family and Youth Services Bureau. The purpose of this grant is to support decisions to abstain from sexual activity by providing abstinence programming as defined by Section 510 (b) of the Social Security Act. 

Substance Abuse Prevention

Prescription Drug Drop Boxes

Have expired or unused medications? Here’s where to take them.

Dropbox Locations and Contact Info

(1) Lobby of Blakely Police Department
(New Governmental Complex) 12667 Magnolia St.
(2) Lobby of Early County Jail

For more information contact:
Early County Sheriff's Office:
Blakely Police Department:
Early Choices:

Items to Drop

  1. Expired/unused medications
  2. Over-the-counter medications
  3. Medication samples
  4. Pet medication
  5. Medicated lotions/ointment/drops
  6. Inhalers
  7. Unopened eli-pens
  8. Liquid medications

Items Not to Drop

  1. Needles/lancets/syringes
  2. Thermometers
  3. IV bags
  4. Bloody or infections waste
  5. Business products
  6. Empty containers
  7. Personal care products

Lock Boxes

Do you need a way to safely store medications at home?
Contact Family Connection for a free drug lock box.
Alcohol, marijuana, tobacco….Family Connection’s substance abuse prevention efforts begin in elementary school and are reinforced throughout a student’s academic career. Positive messaging, information on the dangers of substance use, and opportunities for alternative activities help support our efforts to move Early County youth into healthy adulthood.
  • Botvin
  • SADD
  • “It’s Just A Thing” media campaign
  • Ask, Advise, Refer