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Empowering Teens With Positive Relationship Skills.

Impact Your Future With Healthy Relationship Choices.
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Acceptance is what most of us want in the world, especially young people trying to find their place in it. When that doesn't happen, as it often doesn't, they are usually tempted to do things to gain shallow approval at all costs without any thought of possible life changing consequences.

Healthy Relationships is designed to help young people navigate:

  • Romantic attachments

  • Healthy choices

  • Challenges

  • Obstacles

  • Temptations they will face in life

We provide fun, interactive activities that are intended to develop life, love, and leadership skills, impulse- control, self- regulation, and personal power.  There are those who let things happen and those who make things happen.

We provide middle and high school aged youth with information regarding the benefits of developing healthy relationships, delaying sexual activity, and creating a habit of impulse control so that as they get older they will have the strength of character to form a healthy, satisfying, lifetime committed relationship.

Abstinence Education Program

Title V State Abstinence Education Grant Program

The Georgia Division of Family & Children Services (DFCS) administers the Title V State Abstinence Education Grant Program, which is supported by federal funds from the Administration for Children & Families, Family & Youth Services Bureau. The purpose of this grant program is to support decisions to abstain from sexual activity by providing abstinence programming as defined by Section 510(b) of the Social Security Act.
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