Join Early Choices in “Being the Wall” Between Teens and Alcohol

On Wednesday, November 16th, Early Choices will kick off a mural painting event called “Be The Wall” at Early County High School.  While this is an opportunity for those in our community to participate in the painting of a beautiful mobile work of art, the event represents something so much more. “Be the Wall” literally refers to adults in Early County being the protective boundary between teens and alcohol abuse.

Early Choices developed the mural idea as a way to bring the community together to reinforce the importance of preventing alcohol abuse among our community teens.

Parents – and all adults – in Early County can work together in this county-wide exercise to educate the community and each other on the seriousness of helping our youth to make positive choices.  Protecting our young people from underage drinking and the risky behaviors that can go along with it will help empower them to make good decisions as they mature into adults.

The initial mural design, created by renowned landscape artist & muralist Janice Polzin, the “Be the Wall” mural painting celebrates our community spirit.  Early Choices is inviting community members from different walks of life as well as high school students to participate in painting the mural as a display of community support for our youth and the power of making positive choices.

“We are so excited about this initiative,” says Executive Director of Family Connection, Gwen Houston. “Bringing our Early County community together in honor of and to empower our young people is so important to us.”

Upon completion, the “Be the Wall” mural will be displayed at Early County High School and community events throughout the year. A video is also being produced of the mural being painted will be used to raise awareness of the importance of the strength and encouragement our community provides to teens.  Residents and business will want to purchase one of the limited edition posters of the mural; the posters will be on sale starting November 21st!

Early Choices, a part of Early County Family Connection, is a collection of initiatives formed to address the specific needs, issues and concerns of residents of Early County.