Parenting Power Class March 29th!

“Raising Resilient Children, ” a free parenting workshop presented by Early Choices, will be held March 29th, 10 AM to 12 PM at the Early County Family Connection Office. The workshop features two primary areas of focus: raising resilient children and taking care of yourself as a parent at the same time, which is no easy feat! The facilitators will present practical ideas regarding how to handle real-life situations – such as what to do when your child throws a tantrum in the grocery store; if you’re a parent, you’ve been there!

Early Choices encourages all parents, grandparents and guardians to join us! All parents can use extra tips and encouragement; our workshops offer and opportunity to ban together and help each other out. Call your friends and make it an outing – you’ll have fun and come away with some great insights too.

Our parenting initiative for 2017 will include a series of Facebook Live events, guest “Mommy/Daddy Bloggers” from across the country giving aid and inspiration, and local parents sharing their experiences; as well as several more in person classes. Our first Facebook Live class is schedule for April 11 at 12:15 and will last about 15 minutes, perfect for a lunchtime break – be on the lookout for more details!

Refreshments will be provided and participants can register for a door prize away. To RSVP for the March 29th class, call (229) 723.5122 or (229) 357.1551.