Positive Choices for Parents

Parenting is a tough job – there’s no doubt about it. Yes, the rewards are worth it, but wow, it can be hard. What’s more, there’s not a training manual!

You go to school to learn to read, to learn math and to learn about economics and history. If you want to be a car mechanic, pilot, nurse, teacher, lawyer… you go to school to learn how to do these jobs. But for the most important job in the world… it tends to be on-the-job training or what your own parents did, which may or may not be worth repeating.

We’re here to help! We have group classes and one-on-one classes on just about any parenting topic you can imagine. What? Not sure what people will think if you take a parenting class? We say More Power To You! The people who actively seek more information about how to be a better parent, who learn ways to effectively discipline, who want to know the best ways to handle challenges that your kids are facing are hero parents in our book.

Call us today to learn more about our classes and how you can plug in to learn more!