Hey everyone, it’s Rex! I know school is back in session – and  that means parents are busy and students have a bunch of homework, but don’t forget about your ol’ buddy Rex and the “Where’s The Box?™ ” Scavenger Hunt.   I’m still waiting for you to take my picture and post it on the Early Choices Facebook page for your chance to win a prize!  There’s twenty clings featuring my picture and a number; each photo you post of a different cling increases your chances of winning!  I definitely should’ve brought some snacks though, this is taking a while for all twenty clings to be found J Every time someone walks by me, I get so excited that my picture may be taken! I have faith in you guys – spread the word and get your friends together to go snap some photos of me!

Don’t forget! Save up your leftover or expired prescriptions for me and remember all that we’ve talked about- no throwing away, flushing, or distributing your unwanted medicine.  Sixty percent of teens say home medicine cabinets are their main source for drugs to abuse, so don’t leave prescriptions just lying around the house either. Almost 50% of teens wrongly believe that prescription drugs are safer than street drugs, but pills are a gateway drug and I don’t want that for any of you. As an experienced drug drop box, your safety is my number one priority. You and I are friends  – and friends help each other out. Speaking of friends helping friends, I still need you to participate in the Scavenger Hunt!

Finish up your homework, grab your buddies, and take pictures of me in Blakely store windows. I know you can do it and I’ll be right here waiting for you. Good luck!

This message is brought to you by Early Choices, Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities and GenRX.