We have a winner!

Hey, it’s Rex, thank you so much for participating in the “Where’s The Box?™” Scavenger Hunt! I knew you could do it and I’m extremely proud. It was so much fun being on store windows, but now I can get back to doing my job keeping you and your community safe. I’m so excited!  Man, I really miss seeing you guys and I hope everyone has been saving medicine for me to store.

Oh!  Here’s the winner of the “Where’s The Box?™” Scavenger Hunt:  Joel Houston!

My job may be small, but it’s definitely important. My goal is that through all of this, you guys have learned my role in Early County as a drug drop box. And that after this excitement is over, I hope you’ll continue to visit me at my two permanent locations: in the lobby of the Early County Jail and at the sheriff’s office in Early County Courthouse. I care about all of you and I know that the students, parents, and the rest of our community will take advantage of these local drop boxes. Help me do my job and leave your unwanted, unused or out of date prescriptions and over the counter medicines with me on your way home from school or work. Even the simple ones you don’t think about – in 2005, 2.2 million U.S. youths abused over the counter drugs such as cough syrup.

I don’t like when my box is empty, so now that the Scavenger Hunt is over, make sure you stop by. It takes less than a minute to drop off your unused or expired prescriptions and over the counter medicine with me and it really is just as easy as it sounds. I’ve had such a good time helping you learn about the importance of what I do. Don’t forget all we’ve talked about, and I’ll see you later.